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JBC AirGuns

 27 Sept 16

Well, it all had started with a fellow air gunner on the AG forum texting me asking what I was working on now,  soon after I told him I was currently in Philippines, he asked if I was going to visit JBC Airguns in Manila.
Told myself wow I always loved the looks of the hammer action PCP with local exotic wood used and what others have copied. 
Seen only photos of this very exclusive AG, I too years ago wanted one but couldn't get it shipped out of the country.
Man, I'm leaving in two days,  can I possibly visit it ---- yes I can with the help from Ivan a local family man who threaded me to this undiscovered Philippines own craftmans --well to must air gunners.
The last known street address from 2013 no longer existed, and found out the land was sold and JBC had moved, after dozen of phone calls and asking the local seniors and 5 hours of driving we finically tracked down JBC current home and shop.
It was an extradionary adventure. When I finally met them, they were wonderfully friendly with open arms with the limited short time I had.

Designer and owner:

Exequief Lacanlale now 70 years old.

His Son:  Joseph Lacanlale soon to take over and continue his father legacy.

Gilbert Angles is the senior machinist.


​Myself, Exequief, Joseph, and Gilbert

Here are what I learned about them:
JBC are going to sort out the action to be made by CNC to increase output.

Guns will never be mass produced. These guys are skilled with their hands and most productions are still hand made using old traditional machinary among 6 employees.
​Thier waiting list time is 6-10 months per order. No you can't jump in line no matter if you offer extra cash. Most guns are sold throughout the Philippines for hunters and long distance competitors. (Standing no bench rest) 

They live in the country side of Philippines surrounded by rice fields and platation. They love their simple way of life.  

Here's the man himself with this trade mark stances 

Here's the owners pit bull--so friendly girl, without knowing me she shake my hand.

JBC Line of Airguns

Here are a few guns samples that are reserved by eagerly waiting owners. 
The action can be made in SS or metal, air tube in T6 aluminum or steel. 
Gun stock in full length or folding carbine with local dark hard wood---love the ebony.  
They have male foster for filling and gauge.  
Barrel are LW steel or stainless, dove tail for scope mounting.
3 type of action; 
1. Hammer 
2. bolts single loading
3. 10 shot multi that use MROD mags. no photo at time of visit.


Bolt Action

Shop photos