Ernest Rowe Precision Air Guns

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Smooth Twist barrel

Machined to fit your BP, bore has been highly polish to 50,000 grit, accuracy tested to 50y

O ring kits

Single shot tray




custom tools/Parts

FX impact heavy duty VS 

Cricket HSTA $25

regulator tester for most BP

Matador extra long stainless HSTA
with jam nut $55

Cricket HSTA degasser 

Edgun brass seals $8

Custom VS for crickets, vulcan, mutant, colibri

Guage socket for cricket, colibri, vulcan, muant.

Cricket spring set

FX cocking handle delrin sleeve with orings

Cricket 9mm H-power spring kit

Edgun matador .22 .25 cal VS

6" X 1.5" CF LDC

Matador degasser/puller

Vulcan .22 & .25 HS guide $15

Cricket tools 

Cricket reg brass retainer extractor tool

Vulcan LDC adapter

barrel polishing burrs