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Let me introduce myself---->

My name is: Ernest Rowe

You may know me by my hands, its not on the photo!
Anyway thats me @57, I started with air guns when I was 8 years old mostly shooting pumpers from Daisy, Crosman to Sheridan. My father was in the U.S. Air Force so we moved a lot from the philippines to the U.S every 5 years. I got to shoot in a lot of different county sides. That was the good old days until I joined the U.S. Navy at 18 years old. In that 20 years, I didn’t get to shoot much but did buy a beeman R1 with a field target stock that cost me $650 then another Sheridan blue streak and a webaly Vulcan break barrel. I sold them all when I got stationed to Japan before I retired in 1998. I started back with air guns in 2006, mostly springers, then in 2010 got into PCP mostly with FX. I tried every model they made. Then the bullpup came along and tried every bullpup made
While in th Navy I had the chance to be stationed on a submarine tender from there I learned major repairs on nuclear submarine then became as a QA instector.
What I learned from the military made it easy to repair and tune Air Guns.
PCP are very delicate Systems in the way they used O-rings. Taking them apart to replace them is the challenge. As a do it myself guy, I searched the net for guidance and most information was in foreign languages and/or incomplete.

So this site is designed to help fellow Air Gunner's to repair their own Air Guns.  This site contains a large amount of information including reviews, maintenance, repair, and tuning, with a lot of photos and video's to give everyone confidence in doing their own repair.  Each airgun in review will be updated while in long term testing from me and my fellow air gunner's feedback.

If I helped you in anyway with all the videos and info/video reguest, please
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